"When you're feeling sad & blue... You know Love's made a fool of you!"
Earth Angel (Tim Swallow) - Ready Teddy
For those observant amongst you (few!), it might have been noticed that the last post in my Film Maker's Diary was nearly 4 months ago, when I had attended British Indie film guru Chris Jones' 2 day masterclass. And I freely admit that, despite coming fresh out of that weekend feeling the call to arms, I have not been too speedy in making any headway into my cinematic journey. Now while I am not one to make excuses (I can hear my wife sniggering in the background as I read this aloud!), there has been a series of events that have blocked my path to some degree. A move from the Capital, the subsequent loss of my job (thanks to the company falling into long-gestating insolvency) and the constricting red tape in order to obtain the money owed to me, from both my employers and HM Government. Now that I am tackling a new vocational path (no more working for the Man!), the dream of making that all-important cinematic masterpiece seemed to be put on hold.
PictureMy recruitment film!
So when I opened my Book of Faces to post my daily movie news and funny video clip distractions, I did not expect a message from one of my friends from my Higher Education days to let me take that first step towards big screen glory! Of all things, it was my final film for my degree, from way back in the Good Old Days (2001) that was playing in my friend Hayley's mind when one of her closest friends told her about a short film that she was producing. Was it co-incidence, or was it fate? Honestly I believe it is the former, but I'll happily take the latter! Either way, an offer to meet her in Cardiff and discuss the possibility of directing this project was on the cards and I didn't hesitate to take it. By the end of that week, I was heading down the M5 towards Cardiff on a baking Friday morning to see what would come of this exciting opportunity. Nearly 6 hours later, I had somehow managed to convince producer Lisa that I would be the right guy to sit in the Director's chair - despite a re-screening of my student film that could have put her off completely!

A week later Lisa had sent me the latest version of the script and it is a bit of a corker - a musical comedy following the romantic endeavors of a down-at-heel Busker in Cardiff. With my student film/recruitment piece following similar themes, it is understandable why Hayley would think of me as a potential director. A further meeting with the writer/star and my assistant (Can you believe it? I get an assistant on set!) last Friday went swimmingly, with plenty of positives discussed on how to tighten up the writing and help find a flow to the script. With the writer Idge carefully scrutinizing each suggestion, the resulting nods and smiles suggest that we are on the same page (excuse the pun).And with just over 2 weeks to go until the film goes before the camera, I am quietly confident that there is a little gem of a short film in this project. And with any luck, this will prove to be the first of many projects to come!

Stay tuned for all the updates as I write them - this one is gonna be fun!



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