"To begin at the beginning…" Dylan Thomas

Thomas' words from Under Milk Wood are the solution to my troubles. After nearly ten years of hard labour in the dark recesses of Retail Television ("You can now own this fabulous pair of scissors with additional laser guidance for only $19.99!"), I have felt the cold palm of my Future Self slap me across the face. This was never in my Great Life Plan! This was never even in my peripheral vision of career expectations! So why have I let go of my dreams? And then I realized that the answer was obvious - to survive.

There is no film industry in the UK. There is no entrance for a new creative that has no contacts, no money and no idea on where to start. At least, that is how it looks from the outside and that is how it looked when I first tried to enter the industry. And in all honesty, that still seems to be the case.

However, there IS a thriving film industry in the UK. Of course there is. Just look at the number of big movie productions are made in the UK. As an outsider looking in, it still seems impossible to break into the industry without money and contacts behind you. But some people have managed to do just that, so what is their secret? Perhaps the idea of trying to break down the doors to get noticed seemed too threatening or too risky a prospect that I felt the need to settle for less than my dreams.

But not any more.
Yes, income is still an important issue - how does one live without it? But it is now the time to really follow my heart and pursue the work that I have always wanted. Sure, earning a wage is still a necessity. But this should still allow me the spare time to chase my dreams and not de-moralize me to the point that all I want to do is sit around and feel sorry for myself. No, I am using my 14-day life-back guarantee from this vocational black hole and re-invigorating my passions for film making. 

This is my mission statement - I will attempt to try and get a film made and on the big screen in the next 5 years. Right now, I have very little idea on how to get there. I don't have the financial backing , nor very many contacts within the
industry. But this is what makes the prospect of the independent approach rather enticing. With this diary, I hope that the peaks & troughs of my journey will keep you all entertained, as well as offer any insight to anyone with a similar dream to mine.

Wish me luck!



The new beginning is always good for us and for the people around us. It's really great to see your passion about making this film. Yeah, there are always so many constraints and hurdles in achieving your missions and goals. But we should try harder. You have a wonderful mission. Best of luck with that.

26/08/2017 12:05

I've been working in film industry for two years now. If your only aim in life is to get rich as fast as possible, this industry isn't for you. The money here isn't instant because you need to work really hard for your salary here. There are also times wherein you need to skip sleeping because that could mean losing an opportunity and missing your deadlines. Just like in any industries out there, film industry is a challenging but fulfilling one!


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Venturing in the film industry isn't a slice of cake. It's not like choosing to sell something online. There are many factors to consider before entering this industry. It's true that sometimes, you need to have a connection for you to succeed in this field. But actually everyone can make it here! Patience and dedication are two keys to penetrate this buggling industry.

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