Comic-Con International 2013 is currently in full swing on the other side of the Pond in San Diego. Over the 4 day convention, it is estimated that over 130,000 people will be attending over 600 different events that include workshops, screenings and exclusive movie previews with film makers and actors. Since 1970, Comic-Con has advanced comic books and comic art to an ever increasing audience, and with that has come an increase in comic adaptations for the big screen. Thanks to the likes of Marvel and DC Comics, almost every other big budget blockbuster can trace its origins from the lowly pages of a comic book, and with the advance in film visual effects technology the studios are now able to create incredible alternate universes where men can fly and aliens try to take over our planet. Alongside the new growing market in teen literature adaptation, as well as a shot in the arm for video game adaptations (both genres that have examples featured at Comic-Con this year), is there room for anything a little more… Original in the movie theaters these days?

Adaptation has always been around since the beginning of film - film makers like Eisenstein and Méliès are good examples of early successes. And yet there is a constant sense of studio execs plowing through every $1 store and bookshop, looking for any fantastical story to turn into a motion picture. Has this left no room for an original concept? Perhaps, perhaps not. There are clear reasons why the big studios are turning to comics and teen literature for their future movie projects. These are testing times for everyone in the world financially, even for the wealthy Hollywood boys. With a ready made audience ready and waiting, an adaptation seems a safer bet for the bigwigs to spend their money on Even if fans of the original literature are wholly against a movie adaptation of their beloved works, there is more than a good chance that they will pay for their ticket and see the movie. They may come out and sling vitriol on the internet about how they have ruined an undoubted "masterpiece", but by that time they have spent their money and the producers can forget about them. 

And original movies are still getting pushed through, with the likes of Pacific Rim, Elysium and The World's End playing out in cinemas this Summer. And yet even here a certain amount of caution has been taken. These three examples all come from a Sci-fi genre, like most comic book subjects, and it is not too much of a stretch to imagine these films if they HAD been adapted from comics. Is there any room for conspiracy thrillers, comedies that actually are funny (shock horror!) or submarine dramas? At least there is a new western on its way in the form of The Lone Ranger… Nope, sorry that is another adaptation. There is even a new take on the original teen literature classic, Romeo & Juliet. This may be a rather general viewpoint, and I am certain there are many fine examples that can quash my fears, but seeing as none come to mind straight away I am allowed to have a little sense of worry for the future of blockbuster entertainment… Even if I cannot WAIT for the new Thor movie!